T-Bone ~ Dry Aged (Top Choice or Higher)

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NOTICE:  This item is currently unavailable for online ordering due to the highly volatile price of beef.  Please call the store for current pricing and to order.

Cut from the short loin, this steak is aptly named for it's shape. It consists of a full strip and a small portion (at least 0.5") of the Tenderloin (Filet). Cooked right, steaks aged this way will just melt in your mouth and give you an intense flavorful bite every time.


For those that just can't get enough filet on their t-bone and can spare the buttery, nutty deliciousness of Dry Aged beef, try our Top Choice Porterhouse!

      Butcher's Note:  While it is technically possible to get a porterhouse from a dry aged short loin, we find that few dry aged loins meet our standards for what qualifies as a porterhouse.  For this reason, we only offer dry aged t-bones online.

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